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Best bath tub cleaning ideas

It is essential to maintain a clean bathtub for the health and hygiene of the family. Cleaning the bath tub is quite a job but someone in the family has to do that. The bath tub has to be cleaned at least once a month, especially when more than one person uses it.

Things you need for cleaning

•    Bathtub cleaner
•    Paper towel, sponge
•    Baking soda or some bleach
•    Plastic gloves
•    Drain cleaner

How To Clean BathtubProcess of cleaning

Buy a cleaning product for bath tubs. Check it is baby safe and environment friendly. It should be able to clean and remove the scum. You can best choose plant based, organic cleaning agents.

Gather the things you need to clean the bath tub. Remove the mat and cover the tub with soap. You should not miss any spot for cleaning. You have to reach for those difficult areas where germs and grime build up. Allow the cleanser to settle there for some time. Put the gloves on and get the sponge to clean. Dampen the sponge with some warm water and then try scrubbing the entire tub. The scum should come off easily so that all of the dirt is removed. The shower faucet can be run with warm water. You can use some rag to rub the scum off. Then rinse off all the soap and scum into the drainer. You have to get all the soap off so that everything goes down the drain leaving your bath tub immaculately clean.

Cleaning the tiles in bathroom

How To Clean Bathtub you can use bathtub cleaners as tile cleaners too. Spray the tile surfaces with the liquid cleaner. Let the liquid stay for some time and then rinse everything off. Use some disinfectant to keep off the odor and germs. A mild disinfectant could be harmless for the child too. Use some paper towel to give the tiles a rub so that they get spanking clean. Disinfectant wipes can also be used for cleaning the tiles in the bathroom.

How to remove stains

Use baking soda for the obstinate stains that refuse to come off. These cannot be removed simply with the bathroom cleaner. This is a safe way to remove stains that just refuse to go. Some baking soda can be sprinkled directly on the stains. Then take some wet sponge and wipe them off after allowing the soda to settle on the stain for ten minutes. Some amount of ammonia can help if the stain persists. The ammonia can be harmful for the skin so that you must be careful to rinse it off thoroughly.

Cleaning the drains

The bath tub drain seems to accumulate a lot of scum and hairs and all residues. The disinfectants and paper towels can be used to wipe the drain down thoroughly. Run the hot water for a minute and then pour some clog remover for the drain, down the drain. It can be then flushed with lots of water to keep the drain scum and clog free.

Thus there are hosts of cleaning ideas and products for cleaning and sanitizing a bath tub. This keeps it free from bacteria and makes it smell fresh and fragrant too all the time.


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